Ross and James have been writing, directing and producing shorts and feature films for over a decade.
We focus on genre films with an identifiable audience, with strong storytelling and new voices.















Our slate includes the darkly funny kinky romcom ‘Kidnap Me’ which is in post-production for a 2015 release; satirical bodyswap comedy, a road-movie to the West Country on mopeds; a black comic noir set in Aberystwyth; a pharmaceutical conspiracy thriller set in rural Italy and a of post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi.

Several of our short films produced over the last 18 months are currently doing the festival rounds.


Guiness World Record-breaking 50 Kisses is the first crowd-sourced feature film. Made up of 50 2-page scripts made by filmmakers around the world, 50 Kisses takes in horror, comedy, drama, sci-fi, fantasy and everything in between. Featuring Ross' script Advice and Ikonic's film Price of Romance.

Wri/Dir: Various; Creative Director: Chris Jones




A chase thriller in two and a half minutes.

Written & Directed by Mick Dow, Short Cut is currently doing the festival circuit.



A gentle character study about loneliness, debt, reclusiveness and the dangers of owning too much plastic storage.

Directed by Ikonic founder James Browning, written by Joanna Duncombe and produced by Ikonic's Ross Aitken.




The story of a guilty man, and the lift which teaches him a lesson.

Written & directed by Richard Edwards-Earl, Going Up is currently doing the festival circuit.




A rom-com between the till girl, and the till.

Directed & Produced by Ikonic founder Ross Aitken for the 50 Kisses competition.




The debut from actor-turned filmmaker Tania Emery was shortlisted for the short film competition.

Made with regular Ikonic collaborators Vini Curtis and Samantha Leigh.




A rom-com about asking the girl out, and your stupid mates. Received an Honorable Mention at LA Reel Film Fest.

Written by Ikonic's Ross Aitken for the 50 Kisses competition, produced by Thorny Devil Production & directed by James Card.




A black comedy about marital dysfunction and dismemberment, Spring Clean has been screened at both the Cannes and Krakow film festivals

Written by Ikonic's James Browning for the London Film Academy, and directed by Richard Edwards-Earl.