A Pause to Think

This planned hiatus has given us all time to breathe and to think, to consider what we have done so far and what to do next. I, for one, am grateful for it. So what do I think? It’s been said that you make your film three times; once when you write it, once when you shoot it, once when you edit it. It’s true. In fact someone cynic [...]

Over the Half-Way Mark

The facts of this little film are as follows: We have already shot nearly 60% of the film, we have done over 180 slates, and we have shot around 55 pages of the 90 page script. And we did all that in 8 days. Incredibly hard and long days! It’s a tribute to the cast and the crew that we did it, and an even bigger tribute that they are all [...]

Well That Happened!

I've just awoken from the coma the last 10 days have put me in. That was, without a shadow of a doubt, the most intensive shooting block I have ever done. And I've done Pineapple Dance Studios. The wonderful Michael Flack kept a running blog, which I'll post soon, but a few thoughts from the week: - We have an embarrassment of r [...]

Shoot Day 5 & 6

The Final Blog As you guys can imagine the last few days of the shoot were unbelievably hectic for everyone involved, so I decided to roll the remaining three blogs into one summary in order to make things a little easier. May I start off by saying - what a week it has been! Over one hundred slates have been shot in just over seventy two hour [...]

Shoot Day 4

Good Morning! Sorry for not writing last night folks, lets just say it was a late one. As the week has gone on we have pushed the call time back to ten in order to get a bit more sleep in the morning, meaning that we now finish at ten in the evening. So, how did yesterday go? It was an interesting one. Unlike previous days, poor Dan Curshden ha [...]

Shoot Day 3

Thanks for taking time out yet again to read my latest diary entry. As we have a later call time tomorrow Im able to fulfil my promise of longer notes and yes...more photos! Today I witnessed first hand at what a hard working and dedicated team we have. We all knew from the off that it was going to be a tough day, shooting just over eight pag [...]

Shoot Day 2

Forgive me for not writing loads this evening, but as each day passes the more sleep I need, I promise to give you all a better update tomorrow (and some more pictures)! Today was a great experience for everyone. I was luckyenough to be given the opportunity to work with the cast and crew on set as a First Assistant Director and it was brillian [...]

Shoot Day 1

The first day of a shoot is always a little nerve racking for everyone involved. I for one, end up tossing and turning in my sleep the night before, always thinking about possible problems. Today, however, was certainly a joy to be a part of. I always think its harder for the cast and crew on the first day. Unlike other professions, you don' [...]

Block 1

With our new days in the 2nd week of January, our original cast, and a (slightly) rejigged crew, we were ready to go. We'd had our last couple of rehearsal days and in fact, the delay and the location change had given us longer to finesse the script. As I mentioned a while ago we would never stop rewriting this thing - slicing lines out d [...]


After the pain of November, it was up to us to try again. An idea that had been floated way back at the beginning by our DoP Vini Curtis was of property guardians. Those people who rent out flats to cheap tenants to prevent squatters coming in. Lots of run-down estates, lots of freedom, but relatively little notice. I googled a bunch, calle [...]