Shoot Day 5 & 6

The Final Blog

As you guys can imagine the last few days of the shoot were unbelievably hectic for everyone involved, so I decided to roll the remaining three blogs into one summary in order to make things a little easier.

May I start off by saying - what a week it has been! Over one hundred slates have been shot in just over seventy two hours and none of this would of been possible if it wasn't for the cast and crew involved.

When I started writing the blogs at the beginning of the week, I remember mentioning how hard the team was going to have to work. This really was an ambitious shoot and in order to achieve "the impossible" everyone had to be working at one hundred per cent.

So where do I start? I firstly would like to thank Christoph Lancien, Anna Lumsden, Susan Flack and Chiara Browning for looking after us so well throughout the week. Whenever a refreshment was needed or a production problem needed solving, Christoph and Anna were always there and for that, the team and I are incredibly grateful. We are also especially thankful for all of the wonderful meals that were provided by Susan and Chiara, as without them we would of been incredibly hungry and low on energy. Thank you all once again, for all your efforts.

I remember writing on Sunday that our Technical Team (Camera, Lighting and Sound Departments) were a very dedicated and talented group and I stand by that comment. Everyday, Vini Curtis, Richard Edwards Earl, Lex de Vroomen, Jason Kokkinakis, Lizzie Mavers, Fabrizio Accetulli, Lois Jones and Emanuele Gabbi arrived on set with a smile on their face, got on with the job in hand and produced some exquisite footage. They really are a talented bunch and I know they will just get bigger and better in every project they do. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, once again, for all your hard work and dedication this week, you have all been brilliant.

On the subject of dedication and commitment, I would also like to personally thank Annie Wood (Continuity) Sammy Leigh (Make Up), Gabby Kovago (Costume Designer), Keith Slote and Rich Felgate (Set/Props Designers) for their constant hard work and patience throughout the six days. This shoot was incredibly hard for them, what with all of the different continuity changes and I for one, couldn't do what these guys do. It was a pleasure to watch them work and bring the characters and set to life.

Another person who deserves a special mention is Tidd James. Tidd has worked on a number of high profile sets in the past, so to have him on board was an absolute honour. The whole cast and crew, including myself, throughly enjoyed working with him, especially as he helped bring a sense of realism to our fight scenes. I, along with everyone else, look forward to hopefully working with him again in the future.

Last, but not least, I must thank our Directors, James Browning and Ross Aitken, for not only giving us the opportunity to work together, but for producing a fantastic piece of material to work with. We all hope that you are delighted with the final results and can't wait to see the edits. I would also like to give a final shout out to our First Assistant Director John Danvoye, whose strong discipline and organisation meant that we were able to get everything shot on time. Thanks again for all of your hard work over the past number of months, guys. We have all appreciated it.

Finally, I can't sign off without mentioning our cast (Dan Curshen, Genna Foden, Ross F Sutherland, Ray Whelan and Tom Bonnington). I stayed until nearly one in the morning last night watching the rushes with James Browning and Ross Aitken and we all thought that you were fantastic. Ever since we met it was clear that you all made a great team and that showed in the performance. Every character seemed to click and that is thanks to your creativity, perception and all round talent and hard work. It was a pleasure to work with each of you this week and we can't wait to see you all again soon for the second part of filming!

So, to summarise, we did achieve "the impossible". We were a team with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and I for one am proud to say that I was apart of this project. Thank you all, once again, for making this week so enjoyable, I can't wait to see what the second half of filming has in store. Thank you once again for taking the time out to read.

Over and out!

Michael Flack

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