Shoot Day 4

Good Morning! Sorry for not writing last night folks, lets just say it was a late one. As the week has gone on we have pushed the call time back to ten in order to get a bit more sleep in the morning, meaning that we now finish at ten in the evening.

So, how did yesterday go? It was an interesting one. Unlike previous days, poor Dan Curshden had to be "water boarded" and Genna Foden had to have hot wax poured over her, "all in the name of art," as they say. I obviously don't want to explain what happens in the movie, but lets just say both did fantastically well and their performances will definitely shine through. Our other two actors, Ross Sutherland and Ray Whelan were also on brilliant form, yet again, yesterday even making me burst out laughing in the middle of the take during one scene (sorry team!).

As mentioned before, I don't really want to give anything away as to what the storyline might be, but as you can probably tell from my above statement... its a comedy. Comedies are always a big mountain to climb for me, mainly because they're so damn hard to write, but these past few days have shown how great they can be when it all works. The credit certainly has to go to our Writers, Directors and Producers James Browning and Ross Aitken for their hard work and vision, along with our brilliant cast for their delivery of the lines and actions. It truly has been a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

News from the crew side is that we have our Spark/DIT, Jason Kokkinakis, back on set after missing Wednesday with illness. We're delighted to have Jason back with us as his professional and calm attitude is always appreciated on set.

Anyway, Im going to have to love you and leave you unfortunately as I have some gaffer tape to buy, wellington boots to find and teas and coffees to make. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and I look forward to giving you an update later on tonight!

Have a great day everyone!

Michael Flack

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