Shoot Day 3

Thanks for taking time out yet again to read my latest diary entry. As we have a later call time tomorrow Im able to fulfil my promise of longer notes and yes...more photos!

Today I witnessed first hand at what a hard working and dedicated team we have.

We all knew from the off that it was going to be a tough day, shooting just over eight pages, but we all pulled together and managed to get the job done.

I wanted to start off my blog this evening by talking about our actors, Genna Foden, Dan Curshden, Ross Sutherland and Ray Whelan. The energy these guys bring to set everyday is amazing. Every take they put in one hundred and fifty per cent and if we have to go for another shot, they attack it with the same energy, passion and creativity, I really can't praise them enough and I know James Browning and Ross Aitken, our Directors, are very pleased with the rushes. I hope, and I know, they will be back raring to go again tomorrow and I can't wait to see what they will do next!

As for the crew, it was great to have John Danvoye back on set as our First Assistant Director. He is a top man, great character and certainly knows how to keep everyone on track. I would also like to welcome our other Props Supervisor, Rich Felgate, to the team. Rich was unable to be with us on Monday and Tuesday, so it was great to have him on board. Finally, I must also save a special shout out for our Script Supervisor, Annie Wood, who despite feeling a bit under the weather, was still keeping focussed and making sure nothing was out of line. As we all know, working when you are not one hundred per cent fit is always hard, but having to make sure lines and props are being covered correctly during the take is even harder. Thank you to all of the names mentioned above, we all really appreciate your extra efforts today.

I must also use this opportunity to say that Sammy Leigh (Make Up Artist) and Gabby Kovago (Costume Designer) have also been brilliant so far, by making sure our actors are wearing the correct costumes and make up. I for one, didn't realise how tough their jobs were and today certainly gave me the chance to see how hard they work.

So, to summarise, what made me so happy with today? The fact that everyone, despite feeling tired, kept working hard to the end - keeping an eye on every detail, whether it be the acting, the sound, the lighting, the make up or the costume!

I can safely say at this halfway stage of the production, that we are all really having a strong shoot. Thank you all once again.

Goodnight and pleasant dreams,

Michael Flack

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