Shoot Day 2

Forgive me for not writing loads this evening, but as each day passes the more sleep I need, I promise to give you all a better update tomorrow (and some more pictures)!

Today was a great experience for everyone. I was luckyenough to be given the opportunity to work with the cast and crew on set as a First Assistant Director and it was brilliant to be on the floor working as a unit.

I must also say the extra support given to us by Christoph Lancien (Assistant Producer) and Lizzie Mavers was unbelievable and without them today, we wouldn't have been able to have had a proper lunch or been able to have proper refreshments. Thank you to you both!

With regard to the cast, we had Dan Curshden, Genna Foden and Ross Sutherland on set today and my word did they perform well! Im looking forward to welcoming Ray Whelan back tomorrow and we will hopefully see the same performance that was given to us back at the Rag Factory a couple of months ago, I am very excited.

I have to say that I am enjoying every single day of this shoot. The cast and crew have been top notch and I am very excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

Wishing you all a goodnight and pleasant dreams.

Michael Flack

Line Producer

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