A Pause to Think

This planned hiatus has given us all time to breathe and to think, to consider what we have done so far and what to do next.

I, for one, am grateful for it. So what do I think?

It’s been said that you make your film three times; once when you write it, once when you shoot it, once when you edit it. It’s true. In fact someone cynical (maybe Fellini) once said you kill it three times, and I kind of get that; you never quite get what you planned, but you do, if you are collaborative and open to what happens on the day, get something else, and that for me is what’s exciting about this process.

I thought we wrote a funny script. It seems others agreed, ‘cos they agreed to work on it when they could have been doing something else, but I wasn’t prepared for just good this could be until I saw that cast playing those characters!

We knew Dan Curshen and Genna Foden were believable as couple, but we all had concerns about the character of Charlie, she was tough to get right and we weren't sure if we had.  We worked hard to make her likeable but tough, as I say, hard to write and (I suspect) even harder to play, but Genna absolutely nails it! Her Charlie is tough, funny, sexy, lovable, everything we hoped for and more.

Dan Curshen is a wonderful actor, who makes Ben funny, silly, kind, sulky, and honest. He’s everything he needs to be and he gave us a great range of material to play with, always willing to try something else and keep it fresh.

We knew Ross F Sutherland and Ray Whelan could make Bert and Ernie funny and believable, as we had worked with them before. We weren't wrong, they were amazing! We’ve got their part of the story in the can (barring a few shots) and we can rest easy in the knowledge that that bit worked. Beginning to end that bit of the story, with its own beginning and end, twists and turns, works. Phew! They proved to be spot-on casting and a great double act!

So, it’s all there so far.

And next?

We have some time to tweak the rest of the script if we want; to clarify and seed bits here and there and to inject more of the character the actors bring to the part.

I think we’re really lucky.

And I’m really excited about the next stage.


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