Over the Half-Way Mark

The facts of this little film are as follows: We have already shot nearly 60% of the film, we have done over 180 slates, and we have shot around 55 pages of the 90 page script. And we did all that in 8 days. Incredibly hard and long days!

It’s a tribute to the cast and the crew that we did it, and an even bigger tribute that they are all prepared to come back for more!

Those are the facts, but what about the film itself? Is it going to be any good? Was all that effort worth it? Is it funny? Is it sexy? Is it scary?

It’s hard to say just from the rushes, but I will say this; Ross and I wrote the script, we have been talking about and thinking about this story for 4 ½ years, we directed it, we sat in the room and watched the performance, we laughed on set, and we cried on set (at the right time as well) and even then, after all that, when we sat back and watched the rushes … we did it again; we laughed at all the funny bits, even harder than when we wrote them and even harder than we did on set, and we sat in silence at the dramatic bits and the scary bits. That’s got to mean something!

So, we have 8 more shooting days to go. We are busy at the moment looking for locations and we are working hard on the campaign to raise the money to finish the film.

The next bit promises to be fun; there are some great scenes for us all to play with, more scope for everyone concerned to spread their creative wings and fly. And best of all, we’ve got more time to do it in, we won’t be needing to shoot quite so much each day, so we can breathe just a little … not too much though, after all it’s a movie, and you never really get enough time, do you?

So, stay with us as this thing grows; very soon we will have a teaser trailer to whet your appetite’s and we will be launching the ‘Kickstarter’ part of the funding campaign, so people, please get involved! We’ve got something exciting here and we just need to finish it.


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